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Forever Modern

Your website design will always be kept up to date with the newest web standards, automtically.

Always Updated

Your website will always be updated, have the newest and fastest technology and be protected from threats.

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support and maintenance that is included in the pricing. Need an update? Just send an email.


We grow with you, need just a website now, but eCommerce in the future? No problem, we can update and/or cancel a plan at any time.

Specialty Functionality and Websites

All You'll Ever Need is Right Here

Application Process

Have an easy to navigate and access application process for new employees built right into your site.


Have things to sell? Prefabs, merchandise or just want clients to be able to pay through the website? We can set that up.

Attract Investors

Looking for investors to help with big projects, upgrades or other expansion plans? We can build you a website that will attract top investors. 

Job Site Portfolio

It isn’t just important to have a great website. Showcase your work to potential clients, and to attract the right employees! 

Multiple Locations and Areas

Serve multiple locations or looking to expand? We have you covered with out of the box support for multiple locations.

Employee Portal

Need employees to do training, or have vendors contribute to a digital planroom? Reach out today and find out how we can help.

Recent Websites

Here Are Some of Our Recent Website Designs

When building a website for a company like yours it is important to make sure that you match the look and feel for that type of business. Having a great website design and a well thought out plan, goes a long way to helping you get clients, partners, employees and relay the quality of workmanship that you provide!
Modern Website Design
Classic Web Design
Installation And Automation Design
Paralax Website Design
Multi-Family Assistance Design
Builder Outline Design
Simple Website Design
White Space Design
Video Assisted Design
Quality Website Design

The Quality of your website design should match the quality of your business

Never have the quality of your website design lower the perception of the quality of service you provide to your clients. We provide an always up to date, always modern option to keep you from having to go through the website design and development process over and over. 



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“I’ve worked with Mike in some capacity or other since when he was the Director at SwervePoint. When I heard that he was going to be doing website development work I knew that he was the one to go to for my business. The ‘as a Service’ model is just icing on the cake, I didn’t even realize how lost I would be without this service.”

Lorraine Delmico

Houston, TX
Young business man construction site engineer

“We have a large construction company that is going through a massive change and growing really fast. We needed someone that could build a website that would attract high quality candidates to help us expand. WaaSio went above and beyond and now we have a robust and easy to use application process built right in.”

Lawrence Donavan

Boston, MA
A cheerful senior man traveller with motorbike in countryside, headshot

“Our website attracts more new clients than we ever have before. I didn’t think that having an expensive looking website mattered that much, but everyone checks the website first these days. Happy we found WaaS because it saved us a ton of money up front and we are really utilizing the ongoing support aspect of it. Haven’t had a single issue so far. Highly recommend.”

John Spotiswoode

Wells, ME
Customized Service

Flexibility & Freedom


The “Website as a Service” (WaaS) offering allows you the freedom to keep the service for as long as you would like.

Fully Customizable

Our designs are customized to your business. Every website design is tailored specifically to the client and the request.


Want to add eCommerce to sell merch? How about attracting investors or high-quality talent to work for you? We do it all and more.

Make Life Simpler

Focus More On What You Do Best

Handing off website design, maintenance, hosting, security, and functionality frees you and your employees up to focus on what matters for your business and for your clients. Let us handle the day to day digital aspect of your company.

Find out what your website could look like with a new design customized for your business!

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    Premium and Modern Web Design
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    Fully Managed and Ongoing Support
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    Premium Hosting and Security
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    Ongoing Updates to Design and Functionality

Plans start at $1,299 Setup and $99 per month

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