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WaaSio (Website Design as a Service)

High End Website

Design Kept Modern

Automation = Affordable

WaaSio designs, hosts, secures, updates, supports, and maintains your website. Never let a website fall out of date and poorly represent the quality of your business again!

Your Business is Your Priority, Your Website is Ours

Is Your Website Outdated? Are You Too Focused on Daily Operations?

Having a premium and modern website is the key to having a step on your competition. However, finding the time and resources to manage your website can seem impossible.  

Managing a company website can be a chore! Especially with other tasks on your plate. To make matters worse, the average website is out of date within only 3 years!

Dedicating one employee to website management might not be feasible, and with you prioritizing daily operations, it seems as though your website is never updated

If you just started your business, you have no time to waste. You need a digital presence immediately. However, most website designers charge huge up front fees

Enough is Enough

Weak Digital Presence = Weak Business Performance

Whatever your reason may be, if your company website isn’t up to par, your business will suffer! Take the steps you need to in order to ensure success today! 

Each day your old and unappealing website is active for all to see, the more exposer the website will have with potential future clients. First impressions mean everything. So make it a good one. 

Finding a designer, providing good content and images, and maintaining hosting and strong security, can all be a massive drain on your limited availability, you may need a professional.  

The price of creating a new website from scratch has risen each year. The cost required to start over might not be in your company’s budget, but our service could be. 

The one Stop Solution for all Your Website Pains

The WaaSio Way Allows you to Eliminate all Your Website Problems

Website as as Service

WaaS (Website as a Service) means that we provide an ongoing service instead of leaving you to fend for yourselves after launch. Low start up fees with ongoing maintenance and support calculated right into the monthly services.

We Build Your Website

We take building the website off your shoulders. We manage it, host it, secure it, and support it. We only provide content you want. It is still your website

Fast Turnaround

We understand that your time is valuable. We have quick turnaround times to ensure your website isn’t missing leads. We also keep communication with clients crisp and fast allowing instant feedback on questions and requests

Low Initial Costs

Using the WaaS model, we can keep the initial cost of building your website much lower than competitors by rolling the cost across a long term service package.

Never Outdated

Our service model provides ongoing updates and maintenance which is included in the monthly cost. You’re site will never become outdated or obsolete, allowing your site to accurately represent your company

Stay Above the Competition

Since it is our job to keep your website modern and up to date, you can rest assured that your competition will not gain a digital edge on your company

How we Help You

Monthly Plans Designed to fit Your Needs

Our plans are designed to have low start up costs and low monthly fees that match all your financial needs. Custom plans can be made as well to ensure your needs are met! 

No Contracts Required

We want you to stay with us because you want to, not because you have to!

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$99 per month

$1,299 setup

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Business Growth

$169 per month

$1,899 setup

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Business Advanced

$249 per month

$2,299 setup

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$349+ per month

$2,999+ setup

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Features to Expect

Establish Website Excellence With These Included Features

All plans include these features designed to provide you with a great foundation to grow your business digitally 

Website Design

A modernized and highly customizable web design tailored towards your business and customers. Webpage design will be highly responsive with SEO in mind guaranteed to drive results. (Mobile and Tablet designs included)

Premium Secured Hosting

Eliminate the worry of your site crashing or being slow with the utilization of the best of cloud based technology, CDN, and web application firewall. We handle the tech while you see the benefits

Continual Updates

Technology is always changing. Keep up with new design standards, new methodologies, battle new security threats, and make all other necessary adjustments as they are needed. You will never have an out of date website, on the front or back end. 

Responsive Support

Any idea, question, or advice you need will be timely answered within 24 hours to ensure we advance your business and make changes as/when you see fit. We are here to work for you, and we are looking forward to a collaborative effort


Take total control of your business. We understand you want to have a hand in the creation of your website. We provide personal assistance and numerous video demonstrations that will allow you to get the confidence needed to make changes on your own. 

No Contract Required

You read correctly. No contract required. Due to the structure of our plans, we allow all business owners to opt out of the package at anytime. We understand things change, so if you decide to move on we offer buyout plans where you can purchase your website in full and proceed with business. 

Our Plan in Action

Transform Your Website Design From Tolerable to Terrific

WaaSio helps drive sales, establish cliental, and increase exposure through various tested and proven digital marketing and web design efforts 

Relationships are key! A great relationship with your online clients starts with a great relationship with us! We are here to help you succeed

Get all the highest quality security and software features at an affordable monthly rate, allowing you to get started immediately  

Trusted by Companies Locally and Across The United States

Serving Companies Just Like Yours

No Matter What Industry you are In

WaaSio will set you on the Right Path

WaaSio has Quality Experience with Each of the Following Industries


WaaSio will provide all the necessary functions and features needed for a new company to establish themselves digitally, and start competing immediately 

Established Companies

Is your digital profile and web page lacking a certain feature or “it” factor? WaaSio excels in taking established businesses to the next digital level with tried and proven methods


WaaSio uses the most secure and trusted servers available, which allows you to run your e-commerce business with a great sense of security and trust

We're the Expert You Need

You Need a Powerful Website. We Know how to Build Them

The experts at WaaSio have the background knowledge and technical mastery needed to take your company to the next level by optimizing your digital presence