Website as a Service

Automate Your Brand!

  • Complete Redesign Of Your Website
  • Ongoing Design And Functionality Updates
  • Premium AWS Hosting And Security

Modern and responsive Website Design

What Is WaaS?

WaaS = Website as a Service

WaaS is a modern term for a fully supported and functional website that stays up to date with technology AND design standards over time. Instead of paying a one time fee for a website and being left with a slowly depreciating piece of online real estate, a much smaller setup investment is made and the site is built and then supported for a monthly subscription. 

utilizes AI and Automation to keep those costs even lower, as it provides suggestions, insights, alerts, testing and alarms to our designers, developers and security specialists.

Scans For Updates And Issues

Bots scan for updates and automatically creates a website that is separate, runs the update and then scans for issues and alerts someone to approve it before pushed live. Saving time and effort, which saves money.

Quickly Recognizes New Design Trends

Our unique scanning and technology algorithm helps us stay up to date with the newest design trends in the industry, and allows us to implement those changes across many sites.

Ongoing Support

The most important aspect to the WaaS model is ongoing support to help keep the website updated and modern to YOUR company. Keep your content fresh with included ongoing support.

Platform Features

We provide all that is needed to build and maintain a successful website online. Whether it is an informational website that runs a few ads, to a highly functioning eCommerce marketplace.

Modern Website Design

We utilize the newest technologies and standards in responsive web development and design. 

Premium Hosting

We built our environment on AWS to utilize their advanced security, scalability and advanced technology.


With the help of AI and automation we are able to keep sites up to date at an affordable rate.


All sites come included with SSL (https), dual WAF (web application firewall), backups and monitoring.

WaaSio Website Pricing

We have plans to fit almost every need.


$99 P/Mo

$450 Setup

Great for informational sites, startups and collecting emails.

  • All Platform Features+
  • 6 Design/Content Requests Per Year


$169 P/Mo

$800 Setup

This is for the average site that needs to do a little more than provide information. Track users, add chat, or just need landing pages for marketing efforts.

  • All Platform Features+
  • 1 Premium Functionality (Integrations, Chat, Scheduling, Advanced Forms, etc.)
  • 2 Design/Content Requests Per Month
  • 2 Custom Landing Page Designs Per Year


$249 P/Mo

$1,200 Setup

This takes the needs of websites a little further, and creates a combination of premium functionalities for sites to have fully functional marketing efforts, or collecting advanced information from visitors and advertisements.

  • All Platform Features+
  • 2 Premium Functionalities (Integrations, Chat, Scheduling, Advanced Forms, etc.)
  • 4 Design/Content Requests Per Month
  • 4 Custom Landing Page Designs Per Year


$349+ P/Mo

$1,750+ Setup

This plan is for highly functional websites, like eCommerce, advanced data collection, multiple marketing efforts and integrations into CRMs, accounting, and almost any other functionality that could be imagined.

  • All Platform Features+
  • Unlimited Premium Functionalities (Integrations, Chat, Scheduling, Advanced Forms, etc.)
  • All Premium Plan Features
  • eCommerce Setup And Configuration
  • Increased Security, Monitoring And Reporting

WaaSio Unique

Legendary Support

With the combination of premium designers and developers and the help of AI and automation, we are able to bring next level support to our clients. We set the standard for ongoing support and maintenance.

Commonly Asked Questions

After the initial 3 months for the winning website, the hosting, security (WAF and SSL), and all functionality updates will be provided for life, but ongoing support, change requests, design updates, etc. will no longer continue unless you sign up for one of the plans.

The Standard website plan is the plan that is being offered. The setup for that is $800 and the monthly fee is $169. 

Yes. You would pay the difference from the standard plan. So if you needed the Premium plan it would be:

1200 – 800 = $400 setup
249 – 169 = $90 monthly (for the first 3 months)